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Free delivery everywhere in Canada * With any purchase of $175 or more before tax *

Tie Down Ratchet Set 1" X 15'-4 Pieces

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The RODAC set of 4 1-inch ratchet straps offers a maximum length of 15 feet for applying and releasing tension. These straps are the perfect accessory for quickly ensuring the safety of loads during shipping.

RODAC ratchet straps are designed with exceptional quality to ensure optimal performance in a variety of situations. Their robust construction and reliable tensioning capability make them essential for any professional or individual looking to securely transport large or valuable items.

Each strap is equipped with a high-quality ratcheting mechanism, providing precise and easily adjustable tension for a secure hold. The straps themselves are made from wear-resistant material, ensuring exceptional durability even in demanding conditions.

Their versatility extends beyond shipping, as these straps can also be used for applications such as securing loads on trailers, fastening camping equipment, or even for DIY projects requiring a strong hold.

RODAC ratchet straps provide peace of mind, knowing that your loads are securely fastened, whether for professional or personal use. Invest in quality and reliability with this 1-inch RODAC ratchet strap set.

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Manufacturer Part #:RDRAT415
Length:15 ft